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Chair for Public Law, Constitutional Theory, and Legal Philosophy (Public Law IV) - Prof. Carsten Bäcker

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Foto Prof. Matsubara

Prof. Dr. Mitsuhiro Matsubara
Visiting Researcher (Residence at the chair from April 25 through 29 2023)

Foto Weicheng Chiang

Wei-Cheng Chiang
Visiting Researcher (Residence at the chair since October 2020)

Foto Siyuan Lyu

Siyuan Lyu
Visiting Researcher (Residence at the chair since February 2023)

Siyuan Lyu studied Law at the Soochow University from September 2014 till June 2018. In 2017 he took the Chinese law state exam. From September 2018 until June 2021 he studied at the Chinese University of Political Science and Law (LLM). In his studies he focused on legal philosophy, legal methodology and legal argumentation theory. Since September 2021 he is working on his Ph.D. under the guidance of Prof. Lei Lei at the China University of Political Science and Law.


In this Ph.D. project Siyuan Lyu is focusing on the reconstruction of legal-political elements in court decisions  with the help of the legal argumentation theory.

Sérgio Kezen
Visiting Researcher (Residence at the chair since April 2023)

Sérgio Kezen is a Master´s degree student at the Faculdade de Direito of Universidade de Sao Paulo (FD-USP). He is a member of the research group Constitution, Politics, and Institutions (CoPI-USP). He graduated from the FGV Direito Rio, with an exchange student period in Columbia Law School. He had experience as a research intern at the Center of Justice and Society (CJUS-FGV).
Research Abstract: Prudence and pragmatism are an input in the decision-making process of constitutional courts, and it creates tension with the ideal constitutional interpretation. The research intends to understand how prudence and pragmatism pose a challenge to the traditional justification of the legitimacy of constitutional courts, focusing on the Brazilian Supreme Court case, and if they can be reconciled.

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